2019 SHIFT Freedom Concert and Conference

Corner Cafe Show: February 16, 2019

SHIFT Freedom was created by a handful of high school students with the intention to “SHIFT the community from Awareness to Action” against trafficking here in Colorado.  We strive to educate youth, parents and educators, to provide tools to recognize and Prevent trafficking for students, their peers, younger siblings.  The largest single event to do this is our Annual Conference.  In addition we speak to audiences large and small throughout the year.

We are also In the process of creating our own “Freedom Curriculum” to make these tools accessible to more people.  Our ultimate goal… to radically impact child trafficking, especially sex trafficking locally and globally.

The SHIFT Freedom Concert, will feature Red Rocks Worship and the Conference will provide a platform for experts in the field, Kirk Samuels, other organizations, Lisa Bevere, and Benjamin Nolot of Exodus Cry…  all focused on uniting the community to “Empower to Prevent” child trafficking here in Denver and around the globe.

We anticipate a sell out audience of over 2000+ for both days (1200 each event).  Our goal is to create a unity among business and community leaders, law enforcement, legislators, educators, parents and the youth.  

Since the initial event back in 2016, thousands have heard the “voice of SHIFT!”  What started with 6 high schoolers and a few adults is now a 501c3 dedicated to  “Empowering To Prevent”! 

Our precious local children are being lured and trapped!  With the average age being 12-14 (this means younger and older children are victims) we need to PREVENT as much as possible.  The more tools we can provide for parents and for students to look out for their younger siblings and peers, the more lives are saved!

In addition to prevention, we also now realize that the needs of survivors aren’t being met.  The SHIFT Freedom Network is a network of (vetted) professionals and organizations who have the same goal… to provide for the unique needs that survivors have.

Working with the FBI and other experts in the industry we intend to provide up to date information to the community on:  






I thank you that you understand the need and the urgency for us to inform the community and to grow our network to keep the information Top Of Mind.

We have testimonials that “the voice of SHIFT ” has saved students lives. One girl last week just shared how:

SHIFT Freedom Empowered Her and Prevented her from being trapped!!  She remembered what she had learned, took appropriate action and thwarted international traffickers!

Learn more and click here

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