Shauna Chanda

Corner Cafe Show: December 8, 2018

The Short Story

Originally a southern girl from Texas, Shauna lives and bases her music career in the front ranges of Colorado. With her church roots, she’s well known for her heart of compassion with a desire to bridge cultures, genres and generations. Her unusual versatility easily integrates these seamless connections. These traits have followed her across the globe and back with a distinction of individuality in her voice and spirit. With her exposure to multiple cultures world wide and “go with the flow” personality, she’s a pro at walking in to any situation, acclimating and adapting on the spot. Playing keyboard and various percussive instruments, Shauna is habitually collaborating with other musicians with the same passions and desire to use their gifts to uplift any listener’s heart. Although she’s gifted with a uniquely powerful, yet soothing “voice of an angel,” this singer – songwriter is more than a musical talent. She’s lived and survived a journey after losing her husband of 10 years in a car accident just before 9-11. From tragedy to triumph and the road along the way, she simply inspires. On stage or off, Shauna will leave a lasting thumbprint on your heart, eagerly wanting more.

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