Grant Daniel Reed

Corner Cafe Show: October 27, 2018

Grant Daniel Reed is the type of guy that every person needs to have at least one of as a friend – passionate, sincere, and inspiring. those qualities come through in the music he creates with his ruggedly sweet voice and poetic guitar sounds.  

Grant’s songs come straight from the heart with his own romantic view of life. his music is often compared to Jack Johnson, One Republic, and Daughtry. When Grant was only a boy, he put his hands on a small Casio keyboard. The creation of music hooked him and revealed an undying passion for the craft. When he picked up his first guitar, he started to write his own songs and play them for anyone who’d listen. Grant’s songs were his companions as he traveled around the world, building friendships and followers alike, until one day an avid fan heard a couple of Grant’s songs and dropped a heavy check in his lap – the start of his own recording studio and his music career. 

Read more, click here. 

Man on the Corner Segment:


Corner Cafe Personality Kirk M Samuels will join us for this Saturday’s Man on the Corner segment. Kirk is the Intimacy Incubator. This Saturday’s topic is Dressing for Success, particularly for the ladies. What does it mean to dress for success in our every day lives? We’ll get a man’s perspective on their perception on how ladies dress. 

Learn more about Kirk’s ministry and click here

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