Rocky Mountain CTN

Corner Cafe Show: October 20, 2018
Brian and Yolanda Morris, of Rocky Mountain CTN, join us in studio this Saturday. Corner Cafe: Your Cup of Inspiration TV show will be aired on Rocky Mountain CTN, early in 2019. They’ve got great Christian programming for the whole family to enjoy. 


Empowered viewers enjoying life while considering eternity.

We create and distribute media that enriches lives and prompts people to think about the purpose of their existence. We believe that God wants us to make the most of our time here on earth, and we believe that part of enjoying life is to love people like Jesus did. By engaging in a vibrant and working relationship with Jesus, we believe we can follow His example on earth by loving others and influencing the hearts and minds of people who would otherwise be lost without Him. We believe that when hearts change, then actions will follow. It worked for Jesus many years ago, and we believe it’s still relevant now. 

To empower viewers to discover a fulfilled life by providing relevant media that connects people to God and community to change our culture.

We want our media programming to reflect an enjoyment of life in the rocky mountain region, while still inspiring viewers to consider eternity. We will not just tell people how to follow Jesus, but show all the advantages of a life that’s best fulfilled when we give God access to all areas of our lives. We will strive to be a practical example of the true love of Jesus in our community by pursuing outreach opportunities that will make a difference in the hearts and lives of all people. Our programming provokes people to think about their true purpose on this earth and how following the teachings of Jesus is a key, not a barrier, to living a truly fulfilled life. 

​On October 24, 1979, Florida’s first Christian Television station, CTN, came on the air.  We are one of 19 affiliate stations in the Christian Television Network based in Clearwater, Florida. CTN stations provide unique, wholesome, award winning programming for the entire family, now reaching a potential audience of approximately 50 million TV Households. Our International satellite CTNi has the potential to reach 500 million people. ​

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CALL OUR 24 HOUR PRAYER LINE – 727.535.7729

Ways to Watch Us!
Denver, Northern Colorado & Cheyenne (KQDK/KQCK):
​Comcast (Ch 643 HD & Ch 51 sd)  –  Dish (Ch 55 HD & sd)  –  Antenna (Ch 39.1, .2, .3 or 33.1, .2, .3)
TDS Telecommunications (Estes Park- Ch 94 / Arvada- Ch 91 / Ft. Collins- Ch 92)

Colorado Springs & Pueblo (KWHS)
Comcast (Colorado Springs- Ch 6 / Pueblo- Ch 385)  –  Antenna (Ch 51.1 & .2)
Ft. Carson (Ch 88) / Peterson AFB (Ch 51) / Air Force Academy (Ch 6)
Prism/Century Link (Ch 51)  –  TVision (Rye/Colorado City Ch 156)

Man on the Corner Segment: 

Healing Testimony 

Hear how God miraculously healed Wendell Betts. Wendell was born in a small rural farming area in Eastern Canada. He was one of ten children,4 girls and 6 boys. Wendell was born with asthma and several hospital visits as a boy and when Wendell was 14 years old he was hit with double Pneumonia in both lungs. Wendell lost 28 pounds in twelve days and was close to losing his life at that time. After this summer, Wendell struggled with a lot of things people his age loved to do, like playing ball, playing hockey or anything where excursion was needed. Wendell was prone to severe asthma attacks, which ended with him hospitalized. By the age of 31, Wendell’s lungs were at 80 percent capacity. In 1988, he moved from Canada’s cold weather to the warm Floridian air by his doctors recommendations. In 2001, Wendell’s lungs dropped to 40 % and he was classed as permanently disabled by the U.S. social security and put on disability. In 2004, Wendell went through a divorce and moved back to Florida for one year and then moved back to his home town of Fredericton New Brunswick, Canada, where he met the love of his life Sharon. They were married in December 2009 and thirteen days later, his lungs started shutting down. Sharon, his wife, rushed Wendell to the hospital and they met the Ambulance half way. The EMT’s worked on Wendell for 20 minutes on the side of the street in order to stabilize him in order to get him to the emergency room.

THE TESTIMONY: Despite years of struggling with failing lungs, Wendell is healed today. He is currently working on a movie project to share his life testimony. 



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