Naida Lynn

Corner Cafe Show: April 14, 2018

Haitian-American Singer/Songwriter, Naida Lynn will be on this weekend’s Corner Cafe. She is a self-proclaimed Songtrepreneur who captivates her audience through engaging, motivational dialogues and raw, authentic music. Known for her infectious smile yet ‘keeping it real’, she usually accompanies her sultry voice with an inspirational message and her acoustic guitar in hand.

Current Naida Lynn business endeavors include her premiere Haitian Greeting Card company, Été Invincible, as well as a video production company she started in 2016 called NL Creations LLC. 

When Naida is not servicing her business clients, she can be found either writing new songs or performing her music before audiences of all sizes. 

Born and raised in South Florida, her musical style is eclectic & is best described as indie-pop, neo-soul with a subtle folk influence. Parallels are often drawn between her and India Arie as well as Lana Del Ray.

Naida released her first studio EP in 2014 and is set to release a second one in November of 2017.

Highlights in her musical career include several guest appearances on various television shows & radio stations, being featured in local papers and blogs, as well as multiple opportunities she has had to speak and perform her music before thousands of listeners all over the world.

Whether serenading audiences or speaking to young millennial women—Naida Lynn’s message of transparency, heartache and hope is what resonates with so many people, young and seasoned.

Learn more, click here.

Man on the Corner Segment: 

Ron McMillon, with the 2018 Gospel Jazz Explosion Concert, will be on the Man on the Corner segment.  The jazz concert also features Phillip “Doc” Martin and special guest host, Christian comedian, Shed G (featured on Tyler Perry movies, Meet the Browns tv show).  

Get Tickets! 

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