Steve Selinsky

Corner Cafe Show: January 13, 2018

Guitarist Steve Selinsky has honed his craft on the instrument playing for various bands, church worship teams, pit orchestras, live performances of covers and original music, and from soundtrack/session work.

Being a huge fan of music in general, he finds himself especially drawn to instrumental music, and began writing original instrumentals in 2008.

Applying a “fusion”-type approach, Steve draws from his love of many different musical styles resulting in songs that stand on their own, while giving nods to jazz, blues, rock, world, and acoustic guitar-based music.

He played much of his first original pieces with other musicians, but struck out as a solo act at the end of 2011.

He also plays the bass, percussion, keyboard (and occasionally drum) parts on all the backing tracks he creates for both his original music (and the many songs he covers by other artists), and also incorporates “live looping” into his sets…

Steve has been heard at The Walnut Room, The Black Rose Acoustic Society, The People’s Fair, Swallow Hill, The Boulder International Film Festival, and countless venues across the state of Colorado.

His guitar playing can also be heard on the closing credits to the motion picture, “Escape”, starring C.Thomas Howell and John Rhys-Davies (“Gimli” from, “The Lord of the Rings” film trilogy).


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