Tawatha Bledsoe a.k.a “Bass”

Corner Cafe Show: October 21, 2017

My family originates from Texas, I was born in Odessa. My parents had a gospel group named The Family Circle when I was a child. My oldest brother Lonnie Hill traveled and wrote songs for The Gospel Keynotes, and toured with many other gospel legends. As the youngest of five siblings, all musically inclined, I followed in their footsteps. There was musical instruments around my house at all times when I was a kid. I tried to play everything I could lay my hands on. I go by the nickname “Bass” because of the heavy bass, rhythm, and drum lines in my music. I was drawn to street ministry because of the vast number of people who want to change their lives but don’t know how. Someone has to meet them where they’re at. The Great Commission for us as Christians is to go and make disciples. Matt 28:16-20. The Colorado Street Ministers are a group of men and woman joined together in the battle of spiritual warfare.

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