Leah Shafer

Corner Cafe Show: October 7, 2017

Leah Shafer was born in Torrance, Ca on Sept 27th, 1973. Moved by music early on, she started writing and recording songs at age 14. With singing careers in both secular and Gospel music, Leah is driven to write and sing wherever she can to make a difference and inspire. Leah says, “Music is my vehicle. There is nothing more important to me than to prepare the hearts of a congregation (through music) so they are open and ready to hear a powerful message.”

Philosophy of Faith
“I am always growing, learning and changing through the help of the Lord. His grace and strength and prayer has saved me many times.” says Leah. She is a strong believer that you should never get too comfortable in this life because that is when you will be spiritually attacked. “We must always be on guard with your heart and spirit.” That is why she is such a huge proponent of family unity and praying together (daily) as a couple and family. Leah is emphatic, “Through my faith, nothing is impossible.”

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