Maurice Washington with Executive Talk

Corner Cafe Show: July 1, 2017

My name is Maurice Washington. I’m a Denver native who graduated from Overland High School in 1996. After high school I attended Alabama State University for a year and came back and went to Metro State University for a year after that. Originally, I went to school for computer programming, but quickly realized that wasn’t the direction that I needed to go.

Within my years of searching for the career that worked for me I found that sales kept my attention. I loved the flexibility, the chance to meet people, the constant change, the conversation, the teaching and most importantly the service. The only problem with sales is I never really could fully appreciate what I was offering to be of service to people which couldn’t fulfill my void of feeling like I was truly bring value to people.

In 2007, I gained the courage to open up my own business called Executive Merchant Services. Everything that I learned in the various experiences I was able to bring that in the company that I developed. Within 3 years of developing the company I quickly realized that void was still there which had me really discouraged at the time. So I made a strategic move to consulting within the same business line and the alignment started to come together for me. It wasn’t the complete picture yet, but for the first time I was truly on track.

In 2014, I needed to make some major changes both in business and also in my personal life and at this time I asked the Lord what should I do with my life because I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. The Lord led me to Denver Open Media which is public access channel here in Colorado. I titled the show Executive Talk early in 2014 and on October 14, 2014 I had my first show. In January 2015 to November 2016 my life dramatically changed. I was going through full repentance and full reliance on the Lord. In November, because of my obedience, I was introduced to Rocky Mountain CTN. We agreed on the relationship and that the Lord brought us together.

To wrap up everything my biblical mission is to speak to the business world about Christ. With his direction he is having me face the idolatry in this field head on.

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