Mark Bodman with Teach One to Lead One

Corner Cafe Show: May 20, 2017

Mark Bodman is Chapter Director of Teach One to Lead One, Denver Metro Area.
Teach One to Lead One was founded in 1996 by Dr. Lori Salierno-Maldonado. T1L1 has reached over 36,000 kids in countries around the world as nationally in Georgia, Washington, California, Arizona and Colorado and still growing!

Prior to working with T1L1 he was Business Director for a faith-based non for profit in Thailand and was also Executive Director of a faith-based program in Peru and is still active with this organization as a U.S. based consultant. Mark has been in ministry for 12 years. He also has his own Peruvian based business that benefits the indigenous people that creates educational opportunities for kids.

When Mark is not working with mentors and at-risk kids he and his wife are very active enjoying what Colorado has to offer as far as outdoor activities. He is a huge soccer and football fan.

If you are interested in mentoring at-risk youth and truly want to invest in their lives you can contact him at

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