Chrysandra Brunson, Founder & CEO of The CALLING

Corner Cafe Show: April 15, 2017

Chrysandra Brunson, Founder & CEO of The CALLING,  has found herself in circumstances ranging from being an honored guest at the National Prayer Breakfast and the Presidential Inaugural Ball, the cleaning of Billy Graham’s house, VIP guest with Israel Collective, to being on set for many of the globe’s largest morning news stations, even an inside guest at United Nations, breakfast guest of the owner of the Rockies, featured in a Dierks Bentley music video and much more.
She has been honored with the title of Colorado’s Choice for Miss Colorado, and received awards including Alumni of the Decade from her University. She is the Alumni President of Colorado Christian University, Character Actress of Wands and Wishes and global advocate and speaker on the topic of Calling.  She has worked with and produced events with Grammy award winning and Hollywood entertainment, conducted events at world renowned venues, and launched her first non-profit at the age of 18. Chrysandra is just an ordinary girl, but believes in an EXTRAordinary God wanting to glorify Himself in our everyday details.

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