Russell Sickler

Corner Cafe Show: November 26, 2016

121m Records, based out of Greeley, Colorado, was founded in 2011.  Starting off as the 1Twenty1 Movement, the focus was to gather and equip individuals who had a passion for Christ, and equip them in any way possible to serve Him with their talents.  From local church members, to partnering with LAM ministries and equipping recovering addicts, 1Twenty1 had many members go in and out, helping develop them along the way.  Current members of 121m Records consists of Russell “Alexander” Sickler, and Davin “Da’Vine” Higdon.  121m has performed with Bizzle, J. Carter, Sevin, Datin, Pyrexx, Eddie James, the Next Generation Power Force, Jordan Feliz, JustHISLeague, and many more.  Both Russell and Davin attend Resurrection fellowship in Loveland, CO.  Davin’s song “Till I Die” recently won second place in the October #Stagelight music contest by OpenLabs  Davin released his debut 5 song EP “Stand” on 06/10/2016.  More information about 121m Records @


Russell, 23, married to his Spouse Alex, and they have 1 son (9 months old).  They currently reside in Greeley, Colorado, and have been married for 3.5 years.  Russell has been doing hip hop for 7 years, mixing live sound for 12 years, and is a self taught audio engineer.  Russell is working on his first solo project named “Bearded Lies” that will release end of 1st quarter 2017.  Russell has always been passionate about spreading the great commission, and helping to equip, disciple, and develop individuals to help them to what God has called them to do.  Russell had faced many medical issues throughout his life, being born with a club foot, contracting RSV at 3 months old, that developing into Asthma, emergency surgery at 7, torn ACL at 18. Russell’s parents divorced at 2 years old, growing up in a dysfunctional home, his mother taught him that God existed, and his father going from drug dealer to a youth pastor.  Russell knew who God was, but hadn’t solidified his faith.  Inspired at an Acquire the Fire in 2008, Russell made his faith his own, and signed up to go on his first of 5 mission trips with Global expeditions.  Russell has been on short term mission trips to New York, Australia, Israel/Jordan, Ireland, and Dallas.  Russell wants to be able to create music to reach people of all kinds, and continue to equip other musicians to do so.  He is passionate about sharing knowledge resources, and helping Artists jump up a few levels to be able to it the ground running equipped with to share the Gospel with their talents.
Davin, 25, was born into a dis functional family, with his father being out of the picture most of his life and living with just a single mother and his younger brother growing up. Davin grew up in a chaotic environment with seeing his father being driven by drugs with being abusive emotionally and physically to his mother and himself. Seeing his father run from the law and having a second home in prison, this was the “normal” life to Davin. One day Davin’s mother had enough of living in chaos and left Idaho where they currently lived, with Davin and his younger brother to go live with her parents in Colorado to start a new life. From there Davin was at the age of 9 with a brand new life ahead…but it didn’t end there. He was left to figure out his journey in life as a man with no father to help demonstrate how to become a man and having no examples of a good father. With it just being him, his mother and younger brother living together and with the eyes of his heart being filled with past pain, hurt, lies and being raised in a life he only knew of, thinking that he left it all behind, it would still haunt him. It was still embedded into the core of his being. He began taking on the traits of his father by having a close relationship with his mother and grandparents, to separating himself from them more and more. Having constant chaotic arguments with his mother and being kicked out the house by her, with the cops being on speed dial, he would have several moments of being homeless living on the streets, to living on friends/strangers couches. Having no idea what a healthy relationship looked like, and growing up with no foundation in discipline, and having a world to teach him who a man was…he would follow the steps of deception and started running with the wrong crowds. Being consumed with drugs, partying, involved in gangs, barely graduating high school, and having a reputation of getting in trouble with the law.  Davin got saved attending a young adults service at Resurrection Fellowship, and is currently a leader there.  He has only been doing Hip Hop for 2 years, and has blasted forward in his talents to reach people for Christ.  He has been on 1 mission trip, and currently works in a boys home as a leader there.