Confluence Ministries

Corner Cafe Show: October 8, 2016

Jude Del Hierro with Confluence Ministries will be on this weekend’s show. Confluence Ministries is a Christian Outreach organization dedicated to bringing together diverse streams (or sectors) of the Christian community and society to help people, their families and communities reach their full potential, life fully realized.

The impact on people and communities is experienced through the practical and tangible expressions of God’s love and compassion through our work.  We facilitate and support this work through networking, collaboration, hands-on training and experiences.

What’s in our name…  Con”flue*ence, n. [L. confluentia] The act of flowing together; the meeting or junction of two or more streams (elements- water, light; people- style, background, etc.); the place of meeting.  Where life flourishes profusely from the rich collective influence.

We work to express God’s esteem for people and impact their live’s through acts of mercy and a broad set of empowering services.

Our Community Development work primarily focuses on delivering educational programs and events from our Outreach Center, and leading collaborative initiatives with other civic, government and Non-Profit Organizations.

Our City Impact work involves a collaborative  outreach approach that empowers Christians to serve and influence our city for Christ with their talents, creativity and passion.  The outcome is a plethora of creative ministry expressions (music, art, service, etc.) across many events, venues and service project experiences throughout the year.

Our World Outreach work focus on strengthening the efforts of key partners throughout various parts of the world, through encouragement and leading short-term mission teams in humanitarian and evangelistic projects.

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