Codye Reystead

Corner Cafe Show: July 2, 2016

God is a creative force and he designed us to manifest Him creatively in many ways, including ‘prophetic’ ministry. The prophet is meant to be a “heart with a voice’, connecting people with who God relay is and who He made them to truly be. Codye is above all else a worshipper of God, dedicated to living in His presence; a prophetic writer, speaker and skilled artist of His heart. She knows the ark of living in ‘days of grace’, and that wisdom infuses her images and words.

“Truth and beauty are always dressed in simplicity and wonder. Codye has been gifted with an amazing ability to capture truth and revelation and cause the reader/viewer to experience both. Her art causes us to see beauty and her words cause us to know their truth in fresh and profound ways. Plan to spend hours in this wonderful kingdom experience.” Ray Hughes, Selah Ministries