Transform DJs

Corner Cafe Show: June 4, 2016


We want to share the good news of Jesus saving grace with over 1 Million people in the Electronic Dance Music scene through Holy Spirit led Electronic Dance Music performances and use our love for Electronic Dance Music, DJing and Media Production to share the Gospel of Jesus, Defend the Pre-Born and other Defenseless people, and lead people into Worship.


Father we want to fall deeper in love with You! We want to match the beating of your heart and sing the melodies of Your song. We want to see millions of people trust Jesus Christ as their Savior. We want to follow Your lead and defend the pre-born and other defenseless people around the world. We want to offer our worship as an expression of our love and devotion to You. Father we believe that You put inside of us a love for DJing Electronic Dance Music. Please use us as You will to expand Your Kingdom. In Jesus name, AMEN!

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