Paige Hamlin

Corner Cafe Show: June 11, 2016

Paige Hamlin is a 20 year old artist located in Denver, Colorado. She spends most of her time working in Non Profits as she pursues owning an Art based Non-Profit. Her favorite medium is Charcoal, but also spends a large amount of her time using acrylic paint. When she is not painting she also expresses her creativity through music and spoken word. Paige has been creative her whole life, as a young girl she would have told you her dream was to be a Rock star. She grew up singing and dancing in the kitchen. When she started in High School she really began to fall in love with art and started selling her art soon after. While in High school she won multiple awards for her paintings, portraits, photography, murals, chalk art shows, and was awarded a scholarship to the Denver Art Institute. Along the way Paige continued to pursue music and has served on worship teams, and as a youth group worship leader for the last 4 years. She recently stepped down from Worship Leader to start pursuing writing her own music and working towards her first album. She also just completed a Large remodel project at the church she attends where she was the head designer of the project and painted a massive Multicolored Lion of Judah Mural on the wall of the youth center. Paige dreams about a future of being able to use her art and her music to help others. She hopes to combine her passion for Non- Profits with her Love for Art and music and be able to help people all over the world.

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