Proxy 1

Proxy, which by definition means “a representative who acts on the behalf of others,” has become the powerful voice of those who’ve been silenced by life’s woes. Instead of only writing about his personal experiences, he shares the stories and lessons of others, allowing them to communicate to the world “by proxy.”This unique artistic process commences with Proxy serving communities in need, then constructing the core element of his lyrical content around those service projects and the impact they’ve made. His identity lies in being a servant, first, using musical expression secondly in response to those opportunities.

In a single span of 16 bars, Proxy knows how to paint colorful visuals of real-life trials and triumphs, emanating a contagious sense of hope that leads listeners out of dark pasts into the realization of bright futures. His style is a harmonious combination of hip-hop, jazz, and gospel influences seamlessly weaving between notes of live instrumentation. Stepping outside the box of typical genres, Proxy created his own niche called “life music” where each song is carefully crafted to ensure every line is true to life, lives forever, and speaks life, not death.

When Proxy isn’t volunteering his time and talents to the world or in the lab breathing life into lyrics, he exerts his creative energies into acting. He joyfully utilizes this art form as another outlet to convey compelling stories of the human experience, but in a more heavily-involved fashion that entails actually taking on different personas. He looks forward to music videos that rely more heavily on his acting skills so he can more vividly depict the messages in his music. But unlike many, it’s not the idea of a fancy lifestyle embellished with luxury cars, platinum plaques, and flashing lights that motivates Proxy to succeed. His greatest sense of accomplishment is found in connecting with people so deeply they feel empowered to embrace their full potential. With such positivity intensely erupting from his music, Proxy is sure to shake up the scene each time he drops an album, creating the change he envisions one listener at a time.